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What’s your number? We will help you to figure it out.

Once you have a clear plan, you can focus on making the right decisions to get you to the valuation you need from your business. When you come to do a deal you’ll know how much you need and you can go into negotiations with confidence. We can also help you with planning pre and post sale to ensure you are making use of all the tax allowances available to you.

Our approach to exit

People exiting their business normally can get lost in chasing a figure they ‘want’ for the sale of their business, without being mindful of what they ‘need’ from the sale of any business.


Our approach is to sit down with you and first understand what post-exit life looks like. This life normally comes at a quantifiable cost, which then arms you with the figure you ‘need’ from any negotiation.


Armed with this figure, you can then focus on the other aspects of any business exit, whilst we plan the structure and any tax-efficiencies. Lastly, we implement the plan once the sale has gone through and help you focus on the more important job of doing everything you wanted to post-exit.

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