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Generational planning

If you want to ensure that your family is looked after financially then we can help you to make a plan for this. Making a proper plan will give you the confidence that you can pass wealth on without risking your own financial security.

If you are worried about what decisions your beneficiaries might make with their new found wealth then we can also discuss ways where you can retain more control. Whatever your objectives, we are there to share our experience and expertise to help make it happen.

Our approach to generational planning

We will sit down with you to understand what is important to you and your family during your lifetime and the legacy you would like to leave behind.


We will plan how to meet family expenditures such as school and university fees, deposits for first homes and wedding costs whilst ensuring you have sufficient assets left to enjoy your time and leave a meaningful legacy behind upon your passing.


We protect your family by ensuring you are covered should a worst-case scenario play out.


We will work with the next generation of your family to educate, inform and ready them for future financial situations such as gifts, inheritance, first home.

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