How we help

How we help

We help by listening and asking the right questions, this gives you the space to tell us the narrative of the life you want to live. Once you’ve told us the path you want to take, we help you put in place the structure and long-term plan to achieve this.

Then, as circumstance and life changes over time we act as a guide to those shifts and uncertainties. Helping you navigate the best path through, whilst staying true to your narrative and purpose.

Ultimately our team will help you plan your life story. They will then help you plan and achieve the financial freedom to write it.

Who we help

Whilst we offer a personal service and don’t like to label anyone, to help give you a flavour, our clients mainly fall into the following categories;

People who own or lead businesses. This would include the likes of chief executives, company directors and partners in professional firms, who prefer to employ professionals so they can stay focused on running their business.

People who are going through complex life changes. This would include the likes of divorce, marriage, death, kids transitioning into school, where professional support is desired to inform the related financial decisions.

People at, or approaching, a transition in their life where financial circumstances feel less certain. This includes those wishing to retire, those in receipt of a windfall or an inheritance, or those who just want to know how best to allocate their surplus income following a significant rise in pay or profit.

  • Chapter one: Visualise

    We begin with a blank page. What do you want the rest of your life to look like? What memories do you want to create? Think family, holidays, homes, experiences, adventures. We want to help you to write that life story.

  • Chapter two: Build

    We now understand the life you'd like to lead. Our next job is to help you to build a plan that will show you how to achieve a financial future that will make your dreams a reality.

  • Chapter three: Realise

    The exciting part - you give us the green light to implement your plan for securing the financial freedom to realise your dreams.

  • Chapter four: Reflect

    Your story will evolve over time. We will sit down with you regularly to hear about what you have achieved so far and what has still to be done. We will refer back to your plan and make sure you are still on track.

Our services

Retirement planning: A plan for realising your retirement dreams.

Tax planning: A plan for minimising the impact of tax on your life story.

Savings and investment planning: A plan for optimising your savings and investments.

Business exit planning: What’s your number? A plan for realising what you need from your business.

Generational planning: A plan for making sure that your money reaches its intended destination.

Second opinion service

A one-off free review of your current financials, with no obligations.

We’ll review your current financial plans, investments and pensions within the context of where you are trying to get to, without it costing you a penny.

I love that you take time to really listen to our plans and give a tailored appropriate advice response.

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Our principles for financial planning

1. We take the minimum risk necessary to achieve your target return.

2. We avoid investments that appear too good to be true, because they usually are.

3. We encourage long term investment, as the financial markets reward long-term investors.

4. We build globally diversified portfolios, so you are well positioned to enjoy returns wherever they occur.

5. We avoid active buying and selling as it adds significant cost and erodes value.

6. We believe forecasting is folly. Investors overestimate their own ability to predict new winning stocks. We follow proven stocks.

Where our clients come from

Carbon has been built on strong client relationships and the personal and professional referrals which flow from these.

If you think we could help you or someone you know then we’d love to hear from you.

Start writing the rest of your life story

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